Berne, New York - it's time to put you on the map.  You need a song, and you're getting one, darn it.

Screen Shot Berne NY

For years I thought the only thing that was in Berne was a mountain and a Stewarts.    This will be a learning experience for all, but I need more  information to get the song together.  If you are a resident of Berne and have some fun facts, please feel free to leave them in the comment section.  I am also looking for a song to change the words to.   I was thinking of "Burnin' Love".  How bout if we change the spelling to "Berne I Love"? No? You got something better?

Listen, I had no sleep last night with the lightning and thunder, so I'm hurting' for ideas.  Bail me out, Berne peeps!   The song will air this Thursday at 8:50am if I can get my act together!  LOL