It's Your Town Thursday, where your little corner of the earth becomes immortalized in song.  Every other week, we'll pick a town and write a theme song for it.  This coming week, it's Bennington, Vermont.I don’t live in your town, so if you want me to write a song about it – I need your help!

Here are some of the things I would be looking for, if you would be so kind to include in the comment section or you can copy and paste this into an email and send to


  1. What your town best known for?
  2. What are some of the area’s well known attractions or businesses (I can actually sneak you in a free plug!)
  3. Funny quirks (the red light in the middle of town hasn't worked in 10 years, etc)
  4. Quick historical facts (don't get all "Wikipedia" on me- just a few bullet points will do)

The song will air next Thursday on The Sean and Richie Show, typically between 8:45-8:50am.