It's nice when a lot of the groundwork is done for you, and I had some great "researchers" for this song about Bennington, Vermont.  Please click on the song below and if you like your town, tell us why at the bottom of the article!

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Bennington (parody of "Pontoon")

Syrup to put on your pancakes

                                                I think I know the place to be

where else can you find a Crazy Russian Girls Bakery


This town sure has it’s pizza houses

Pizza is a favorite treat

One place near the Walmarts another one right on Main Street


Yea it’s Bennington

the College is a great place to send your son

know who else went there? Alan rAkin

or Peter Dinklage he’s well known --from the Game of Thrones


if you want a bar that’s quite rowdy?

Doug’s might be the the place for your drinks

in the summer they have Garlic fest

that is when the whole town stinks


But right now we should talk about winter

where people jump in Lake Paran

you wouldn’t catch me Plunging

what the heck do you think I am ?  a Penguin?


Yea it’s Bennington

where anywhere in town you’ll see the monument

it’s an area where you can get anything you want

and it’s in Vermont

you’ve been Rhymed today

by Richie from GNA

Special thanks to some special people who sent in great factoids:

Crystal Rawling , Crista Thibodeau, Justine Crowley Duncan, Nancy Hofstadter, Laura Bull  and Jenn Sandquist