Ben Bradford's most recent single, 'Tequila Makes the World Go 'Round,' is the perfect tune for the singer's personality, and fittingly, the video for the song was shot at one of his favorite spots.

"My team brought 'Tequila Makes the World Go Round' [to me] last year around November. I remember them saying, 'We've got the perfect song for you,'" Bradford tells The Boot. "Needless to say, they know me pretty well. I fell in love with the song almost instantly, and even though I didn't write it, I knew it was something I wanted to record."

The video features a fun story of Bradford being kidnapped, thrown in the back of a truck and hauled down to Flora-Bama Lounge, one of the singer's favorite spots to play, in Pensacola, Fla.

"It was a funny experience shooting the video because people that did not know it was a video shoot actually thought I was getting kidnapped," he says. "Driving down the main road in Pensacola, we got a few worried bystanders who I thought were about to call the cops at one point."

But things seem to turn around for Bradford when he starts shooting tequila with his kidnappers and meets a beautiful brunette at the bar.

"My experience with tequila has always been a 'what the hell happened last night, why am I not wearing any clothes, and why is there a giant Santa Claus in the front yard again?' kind of relationship. And not necessarily in that order," Bradford says.

"I think the most memorable one was when I was in college, and I decided to do a straight tequila night. Thought it was a good idea at the the time. The next day I woke up in clothes that I was not wearing the night before in a bed I couldn't remember how I got to," he adds. "I was told later that I had proposed to at least three girls and led a group of freshmen in the singing of 'Friends in Low Places' like I was directing a Sunday church choir.

"Now that was a good night."