It was a pretty darn successful morning, if we must say so, and we couldn't do it alone this time. Here is a quick behind the scenes look at some of the folks who gave of their time to join us

paul wein

Attorney Paul Wein, who is also on the Board of Directors at St. Jude , has first hand knowledge of what the organization means to him.  His son was diagnosed with cancer over 25 year ago.  He is one of the success stories - he's now in his 30's and can hit a golf ball from here to Memphis!

Sheila Dorn also joined us, and we are glad she did.   You may have heard her heartwarming, intensely personal story this morning of how her son was given a prognosis that none would ever want to hear, and how her only hope was to fly him to St. Jude.  After months of treatment, there was another success story to tell.

There are so many who aren't so lucky, and that's what St. Jude is there for.  But you can't run that operation on love alone.

St. Jude has an operating budget of $1,700,000 a day (that's a lot of 0's).  This morning we raised about $20,000.   So let's do that math. That means we raised 1/85 of the expense of one day. We basically kept the lights on for 15 minutes with that money.   I hate to bring the party down here, but suffice it to say that we'll never stop asking for donations.

Please call --ahhh--what's that number again?  Here's the actual cue card that we read from

Please make that call.  And here are some of the folks who give their time to answer when you  do that.  Special thanks to all.