Listen don't feel bad about it, we all look forward to raiding our kid's Halloween bags in early November. After all they have way too much candy to eat, and it's just not good for them to eat it all. Any good parent would lend a hand to their kids when it comes to their health and safety. However, maybe you should keep in mind how un healthy it is for you and your diet before you do.

Sean McMaster

Just to give you an idea of what you are getting yourself into , I will tell you exactly how much exercise  it will take you to burn off those extra calories. This according to

Here are a few of my favorite treats and how much work they will mean to me after I scarf them down.

Three Musketeers: Just two fun size bars will cost you 10 minutes of running to burn it off.

Snickers, Twix, Almond Joys, or Mounds: Just two fun sized versions of these will cost you 12 minutes of running or 28 minutes on a bike!

Kit Kats: How about 37 minutes on a bike? Two fun sized Kit Kats just might be worth it.

and how about the worst one,

 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: Just 5 of the MINI ones will cost you 17 minutes of jogging or 39 minutes on the bike. Ouch.

I know, I'm a big buzz kill but I know a lot of you out there are trying hard to watch your weight. I thought that these figures were quite amazing because when you are looking at those "fun sized" candy bars you can't help but think, "awww its so small it can't possibly be THAT bad." Well, it can. Now you know.