So I was perusing the interwebs this morning and found a pretty fun new video. You know those "before they were stars" shows you have seen on TV? Well I guess this site, "Screen Junkies," has compiled a few videos showing stars that have made it big in some of their earlier performances. Almost always those earlier works were commercials.

Whenever I see these I like to try to see if I can remember the commercial itself and wonder if I had ever even noticed the actor or actress in it. Usually, you just don't. Maybe if "Flo" from Progressive ever gets a movie deal or TV show we will all be able to say we remember her when.

If you know who Aaron Paul is, he was most recently on "Breaking Bad," you may recognize him from the "Corn Pops commercial they show. I definitely remember the commercial but more so the one he was in for "Juicy Fruit."

Let's see who and what you remember as we take a look at "before they were stars."