This subject truly deserves it's own article. This was mindboggling to me when you think about it: 



I don't want to be the eternal fan boy of Apple here by constantly talking about iPhone, but I will say that they had the last laugh last weekend. They sold more iPhones.

Thank you, Times Union. You really blew my mind the other day when I read this and thought about it. You confirmed what my father used to say years and years ago before there even WERE computers. He used to say, "Even if you believe in a cause or a candidate, don't ever sign a petition. It could be used against you later."

I always thought he was being paranoid. Of course, it was back in the 1960s, and people were always signing up against the Vietnam war or something of the sort.

But actually, when you think about Facebook, you might be "signing up" for things and causes and such without knowing about it, just by "liking" a page. "So what?" you say.

Well, think about it. According to the article, the average person "likes" 40 pages. Now if you are  just blindly clicking on them then "clicking 'like' on social media can be like posting your views on the side of a city bus." This information can be used by companies to "profile you."

If you click on a page that shows that you like violent video games, a prospective employer could look at that years later.

I could go on and on here, but here's one more example:

Let's say you "like" a fast food company - insurance companies could look at that and deem you a higher risk when you go for a policy. That floored me.

So maybe you should go back and look at who you are liking, and maybe start "unliking." Just sayin'.