It's raining. You're bummed. What to do? Here's what we like to do when it rains.

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    Play The Wii

    Remember when you waited in line on Black Friday a few years ago so you could scoop up a Nintendo Wii? Well, it’s still sitting there, right under your TV. Fire it up and spend some quality family time together playing the bowling games or perhaps Mario Kart.

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    Board Games

    When you’re bored, there’s always those board games that you keep stashed under your couch. Monopoly is a great way to pass a rainy day. Perhaps the game of Life might be more your speed - or maybe you open that weird game you’ve never heard of that your Aunt gave you and give it a shot.

    Shockingly Tasty, flickr
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    Beer Pong

    Got a garage? Barn? Setup the table, get the red Solo cups, grab the ping-pong balls and you’re ready to go. Oh wait - the beer. Can’t forget the beer. Use the light stuff - stronger beer will just make you sleepy and when you wake up chances are it’ll still be raining, and you’ll be hungover. That’ll make a rainy day extra annoying. Also, don’t forget to put a radio on the shelf tuned to GNA!

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    Go Shopping

    Head to Crossgates and pickup some stuff at the new Carhartt store. Or head to Wal*Mart and get some new hunting or fishing gear to use when it’s not raining out. Maybe swing by Sam’s Club and stock up on some supplies. If you don’t have any cash to spend there’s always the fireplace in the middle of Colonie Center - just go sit there and hang out - doesn’t cost a thing.

    Walmart Stores
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    Go Mudding

    Great excuse to kick it into four wheel drive and hit the woods, or a field, or both. Get that thing covered in mud. Don’t forget a shovel, jack, and tow strap in case you get stuck. Take a friend with you - more fun with more vehicles. When you’re done, take the truck (or Jeep) home and don’t wash it for a week. That mud is a badge.

    Renee Silverman, flickr