It was a fairly tight race between Ballston Spa and Perth.  Looks like the Spa wins the right to have a theme song written for them  (Don't worry, Perth.  I'll get to you next week) 

Nice Victorian homes.  Quaint little village.  Ballston Spa seems like a great little Saratoga County town.  That's all well and good, but you can't make a song out of THAT!  I need much more information, guys.

The more "factoids", the better.  Please flood me with "stuff" in the comment section below.  I'm writing this on Tuesday.  I'm supposed to have this for Thursday (hence the name).  This might be tight, but I'll see how much information I get between now and tomorrow at noon.

Again, please put all facts in the comments below so i have it all in one place.  I also can't think of a song to go with this, so if you have any ideas there, please let me know that too!  Thanks much