Country Superstar Trace Adkins had a pretty terrible week last week. Starting with a confrontation with a impersonator and ending with Adkins in rehab.

Adkins Has a long history with his impersonator, Michael Larson. TMZ was able to track down a video of the two meeting face to face back in 2007.

The two seem very friendly there but not so much last week on the "Country Cruising" cruise where Adkins was set to preform.

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According to what Stephen Barker Liles of "Love and Theft" (Pictured Above) had to say in an interview on KNCI in Sacramento, "There's only so much you can take of someone pretending to be you. It's cool for a little while, but then you get in a confined space. And when a dude is mocking your autograph, trying to look just like you, it's like, 'Okay, bro. I've been doing this for 20 years. You've been following me around for 20 years. And now you're on this small cruise ship?' He'd had enough, I guess."

TMZ was also able to get pics of the encounter between real and fake Trace. Adkins reportedly told the impostor to "take off the F@*king hat" after he had been "pounding shots."

Trace Adkins Confronts Impersonator -- Take Off That F**king Hat! [PHOTOS]

All reports point to Adkins being stoned sober since spending 28 days in rehab for alcohol back in 2002. However a spokesman for Adkins told People Magazine "Trace has entered a treatment facility after a setback in his battle with alcoholism," the rep tells PEOPLE in a statement. "As he faces these issues head-on, we ask that his family's privacy will be respected."

I know I speak for everyone here at WGNA when I say we wish Trace a speedy recovery!