Maybe you're a 5, and finally, after years of looking around for the perfect girl, you've found yourself a solid 8-9!  Congrats man!

Bad news, though... she's currently looking for someone hotter.

A new study out of Eastern Connecticut State University found women who are better looking than their boyfriends are less likely to be excited and fully committed to the relationship.

They're more likely to flirt with other guys, more likely to think about breaking up and finding someone else, and more resistant to PDA.

So . . . why did they even dating you in the first place?

The researchers have a few theories.  One, some women might've felt like having ANY boyfriend was better than being single.  And two, they might not notice the difference in attractiveness levels until later in the relationship.

Not such great news if you're dating or married to someone hotter.  Sorry!  But I don't think all hope is lost!  Just make sure you try super hard to keep the romance going!