Lately I’ve noticed that the more I go out the more I am disappointed. Whether it is a fast food joint, chain restaurant or even the higher class places in the area, Why in the world when I take my 7 year old daughter out to a chain restaurant that is supposed to focus on a family atmosphere do I hear a server swearing? How in the world does a person think its OK to be vulgar at work?Not to mention in front of families and get this one of his co workers which was fantastic by the way says you’re offending the customers he swears again.

Then we hit a fast food place and all I hear is yelling and screaming from the back. Then a spirited back and fourth with the guy sweeping the dinning area and the girl at the register. Ok I get it you two can’t decide if Justin Timberlake really likes the ladies or not but do I need to listen to your idiotic debate while I am trying to enjoy a heart attack in a sack?

Here’s what I’m saying. I have had the pleasure of being taken care of by true professionals that take their job seriously and make me feel like I am not the low point of their day. I take note of that and tip more and come back and make it a point to spread the word. But if you don’t want your job, don’t go anymore. I’m sorry the pay isn’t high or the day is long but if you think you’ll ever be more then a gutter mouth doing a dead end job and I call it dead end because your actions make it that way not because it’s not important then step it up and stop being a punk. Money is tight and if I decide to spend it at your work you should smile and do the job YOU applied for. I did not force you to take that job. Ok I feel better now.