Disclaimer:  I'm sure you could find skeevy germs on just about anything if you look hard enough.  That being said, take a gander at THIS little piece of health news.

According to aol.com, (this is gross, by the way) -

A small new study from England reveals that as many as one in 10 bank cards have fecal bacteria on them.


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"Yea, but that's England, where it is a normal custom to dip your VISA card in the toilet before using it! ", I hear you say.


And furthermore:

One in seven bills -- 14 percent -- are contaminated with the bacteria.

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      So as long as you wash your hands before you go to the bathroom, after you go, before you open your wallet, after you open your wallet, before you pay at the checkout, after you pay at the checkout - everything should be OK!
      This article brought to you by Purell!