It’s back to school season - let's be safe out on the roads!!

With schools starting this week around the Capital Region, I thought I would share some safe driving tips with you.  I know it seems like we all know these things already, but a refresher course never hurt!

We will once again be seeing kids walking to school, riding their bikes to school and school buses will be back on the road.  Let’s keep our kids safe.  Here are a few things to remember:

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Allow for more time on your morning commute.  School buses are out and will be stopping on main roads to get kids.  Be patient!!

DO NOT pass a school bus! Children getting on and off the bus may be crossing roads.  Wait until the lights are no longer flashing to go.

Obey the speed limit in school zones- kids are walking and riding bikes to school!

Again, I know these seem like “common knowledge” to most of us, but we all need to look out for one another.  Have a safe school year!