As it turns out, Reality Steve was right!  Emily was Brad's final choice on this season of "The Bachelor."  Poor Chantal O.  My heart completely goes out to the girl, especially since she  faced him on "After the Final Rose" after her heart was riped out on the final episode of "The Bachelor."  I even feel worse for the girl because she fell for Brad, who is obviously too dumb to see through Emily and her fake persona.  What was this guy thinking?  She is completely insincere, self-centered, and a waste of time.  Good riddance as far as Chantal O. is concerned.   

On "After the Final Rose,"  Emily stated her and Brad had some kinks to work out now that the show was over -- okay, I agree with that.  Life in the real world is completely different than reality tv, especially since no relationship is a "fairy tale" (in the words of Brad).  However, why did Emily bother doing the show if she was so afraid of finding love and possibly getting hurt and, why did she do the show if she is too stubborn to move to Austin, Texas?  HELLO!?!?!  I understand you love your family and you are considering what's best for your daughter, but you wasted Brad's time, all the other contestants' time and America's time.  No pain, no gain, right?  Sometimes you need to love as though you've never been hurt in order to find love again.   

I will say, though, after seeing Brad in his "After the Final Rose" interview, I truly like the guy more and more.  Yes, I called him dumb up above, but he is absolutely so head over heels in love with this girl, he can't see that she might not have been the best candidate.  Brad is passionate, extremely honest, very well spoken and so sweet!  Then you have Emily, who couldn't stop playing with her hair through her entire interview.  I think I counted her brushing her doopy bangs sideways 80 times!  I hate to tell you Emily, it's not just ALL ABOUT YOU! 

Watch part of last night's interview with Chris Harrison and tell me what you think of this girl.  Just click on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose and you can see the entire interview or fast forward to certain parts.  Maybe you'll agree with me about how annoying Emily's hair flipping is.  Or maybe you're on Emily's side -- if so, tell me why you think her and Brad's relationship will last.