Brrrrrrrr! Who the heck turned off the heat?I just went outside and it was 39degrees. A 3/4 full oon and a clear sky with planet Venus just below it. A sure sign that Fall is upon us. Another sign was the goosebumps on my forearm! LOL

This weekend I am taking my girls apple picking with me at Hick's Orchard in Granville. I don't know what I'm looking forward to most, the apples or the homemade cider donuts. I always set aside a 1/2 bushel for apple pie. This time of the year is my favorite, minus the goosebumps. I have to go get my ugliest Bill Cosby Sweater out of mothballs now.

Here's a fun musical moment with the legendary Dean Martin, sing along with "Baby It's Cold Outside".