When most people think about baby formula, they don’t usually think about someone getting arrested because of it.

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

There are now three people near the Albany area who have been arrested. One of them has also been banned from all Price Choppers.

In a story from News 10 ABC, on Thursday, 23 year-old Brett Disanto, 22 year-old Daisy Ripley, both from Argyle, along with 23-year-old Geoffrey Pickering from Hudson Falls, were arrested by Saratoga Springs Police for allegedly stealing more than $1,500 worth of Enfamil baby formula. This was at the Price Chopper stores on Ballston Avenue and also on Railroad Avenue. That happened between September and October.

They also allegedly stole formula from the Clifton Park Price Chopper. They were arrested for this incident on October 22. The three have been charged with seven counts of Petty Larceny. Disanto was also charged with seven counts of Burglary In The Third Degree because of another incident where Price Chopper staff told him that he was banned from being on any Price Chopper property.

Because baby formula is stolen quite often, many stores have been keeping it locked up to help reduce theft.