You’ve been out having a few drinks and you think that you probably shouldn’t be behind the wheel to drive home. There’s something new that might just be able to help so you don’t make that very bad choice. It’s a new app called ‘I Have A Plan’. Albany area and all local law enforcement agencies would like people to use this free and brand new service available for your phone.

Andrew Burton-Getty Images

Some of the things that can be done with this new app is to find a taxi via GPS, preload a list of people that you know that would be your designated driver and also assess your impairment level by testing various motor skills. ‘I Have A Plan’ also has another feature. It's a button that will connect users to 9-1-1 called ‘Report DWI’.

In the story from WNYT, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff Stop DWI Coordinator Jeffery Smith said that “the goal is to eliminate these incidents because you’re putting yourself and other people’s lives in jeopardy”. You can go to a website to get more information about the ‘Have A Plan’ app.