Meet Arthur Gonick!

Arthur Gonick will join the judges panel for the 2014 Country Idol Finals at Vapor in Saratoga Casino and Raceway on Thursday, June 12.  Gonick has covered all forms of entertainment and music since 2009 as the Arts and Entertainment editor at Saratoga Today Newspaper.

Q: What do you think makes someone a Country Idol?

A: A combination of star power and talent, of course, mixed with humanity. I've been lucky to attend the CMA awards + FanFest and I am always impressed with how generous the biggest stars are with their time with fans.

Q: What’s your advice to contestants?

A: Take a deep breath, and be yourself. You wouldn't have gotten this far if you didn't have the goods!

Q: Who are some of your favorite Country Music performers?

A: Everyone can name people like Dolly and Charlie Daniels. I'm going to give you three names of people I met in Nashville; young performers that I predict you'll hear big things about soon. Sarah Kaine, Aubrey Wollett and Colby Dee. Google them — you won't be sorry!