As I continue the Readin', Writin', and Rhymin' "Don't Be A Bully" tour, I had to make a return appearance at Arongen Elementary School in Clifton Park.  And once again, they didn't disappoint!


Ms. West's 3rd grade class was ready to go as soon as I arrived.  Although some of them wanted to write a song about Thanksgiving (which makes perfect sense, of course), I tried to steer them to a more serious topic, and they complied.  Bullying is still a big topic around here at Townsquare Media and through my association with the Academy for Character Education at Sage Colleges, so we went with it, and they were great.  And as you can see to the left, they spread the word  in their own way in the classrooms and in the hallways.




Mrs. West's class brainstormed with us and we put some key words up on the flip chart.

You could tell that she has already covered the subject extensively, because they knew right away what to do when a bully strikes.  Very impressive!    The challenge was getting this to rhyme and to do it in an hour or less, but they came through with flying colors.

I repeat--they wrote and recorded this ditty in LESS than an hour!    Amazing, to say the least!   Take a listen!