Yesterday I had some fun with Arnold Schwarzenegger after he told Maria Shriver that he had a 13 year old love child with a former housekeeper.

We now know the name of "baby mama"! She is Mildred "Patty" Baena a former housekeeper for the couple. The birth certificate shows that the child was born October 2, 1997 and Mildred listed her then-husband Rogelio Baena as the father. I hope this poor guy has not been paying child support for Arnold's kid. This guy was defrauded big time by his wife and Arnold and has a multi million dollar lawsuit on his hands if he can get the right attorney. How about Robert Shapiro? I'm sure he'll take the case for 30%! My advice is call a good lawyer now, and bleed him dry buddy. Here's the scoop.

Here's some more musical advice for Arnold and his love mama Mildred from Hank Williams Sr., "Your Cheatin' Heart". Enjoy!