I don't even want to ask this question, because I think I already know the answer.  There are definite ways to tame the savage decibels however.  Please listen up (rimshot)

We all know it can't be good to be subjected to loud noises constantly, but this little statistic is pretty startling when you think about it.  According to the Konoaudio.com website:

When exposed to harmful impulse noise or loud sounds over a prolonged period, sensitive structures in our inner ear can be damaged causing Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

And according to USAToday.com, a chainsaw is 110 decibels, and the average earbuds can crank out over 100!

There are things that you can do.  There's the cheap route if they are listening on a smartphone.  The iPhone has an adjustment that you can make in the settings that limits the maximum volume (called a LIMITER in the radio biz).  Just go to SETTINGS, then MUSIC, and then put  "Volume Limit ON"

volume limiting screen on iPhone



Or you could go the whole route and buy your child some volume limiting headphones that adjust for you, and they aren't that expensive considering the alternative.  These are Kid Safe Earbuds from Konoaudio.com 

Loudness Limiting Headphones

Do it while they're young, folks.  They'll thank you for it later .  Make sure you say "You're welcome" They'll be able to hear you when you talk to them!)