There are certainly not enough nice people in the world.  Nice is free and fun and frankly not happening enough in the world!

But, if you're too nice, that can come back and bite you, too.  Especially at the office.

If you're too nice, you won't get paid as much as you're worth, you'll end up doing things you don't want to do, you will end up with other people's work load, and people will take advantage of you.

"Too nice" people are too scared of conflict to get their point across.  Then, they end up resenting people when they are overwhelmed.

While there is a side of me that's not too nice... just ask my husband... I can definitely relate to some of these "too nice" characteristics.

I often am afraid to stick up for myself because I don't want to hurt someone else's feelings, or instead of dealing with conflict head on, I head straight for denial and pretend the situation will go away.  I also think I say yes way too often!

Do you have any "too nice" characteristics?

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