We here at the Sean and Richie Show have noticed something missing as of late. We pondered and pondered and finally figured out what we need - a girl!  So we have decided to search for the next female radio star right here in the Albany area. Maybe YOU are our girl.

We want to find an unknown tireless, creative, outgoing, fun woman with a desire to be a star. We need a woman with the ability to write, good with social media and a great personality. This is a part time position a few hours a morning, five days a week. An amazing way to get your foot in the door in a very competitive industry.

We have even made a little video to show you exactly what we are missing here on the show, watch it and make a reply video telling us why YOU are Sean and Richie's next girl.  Be creative, have fun with it and who knows maybe you will be on the number one morning show in the Albany area.

Now all you have to do is make a response video, post on it YouTube with the title: "Sean and Richie Need A Girl". Keep in mind the girls who post first will already have an advantage,  we are looking for someone who can be creative and knows how to get things done. We will consider all the entries but the later the entry the better it will have to be.

Ok Go! and Good Luck!