I hope you were listening this morning for the very first installment of the "Super 7." If you remember the "Dirty Dozen" that we used to do on the "Sean and Richie Show," it is very similar: you just need seven straight answers instead of 12.

We will play the game every Monday morning throughout the 7 a.m. hour so if you missed it this week, make sure you tune in next Monday!

If you did miss it though, I will give you a chance to answer the questions here. First, I'll explain how it works. There will be seven trivia questions, all covering different "categories." Our first contestant of the hour will answer as many in a row as possible, but once they get one wrong, they are done and we will wait until the next time we come on the air. We will take callers throughout the hour (remember the correct answers from the last caller) and the first person who answers all seven in a row will be the winner.

So how would you have done with today's questions? Let's see:

1. Sports: How many receivers on the Denver Broncos THIS year got more than 1000 receiving LAST year?

2. Entertainment: Who won the Emmy for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series?

3. Country Music: What Country music legend is also a founder of Farm Aid?

4. Current Events: In what Country have troops battling to save hostages in a shopping mall?

5. History: In the 1840's What was the reason for the abundant influx of immigrant to the U.S. from Ireland?

6. Science: What is the largest organ in the human body?

7. Literature: What book begins with the line, "Call me Ishmael."

Now if you think you answered them correctly, take a listen to the caller who got them all right at the end of the hour this morning and see how you did!