I try to watch it live on Wednesday nights on ABC-TV, News 10 ABC locally but if I can't the DVR is running. I am hooked on Nashville.I love the characters in the show and the look behind the curtains of the country music industry.Having been in the middle of it all and to Nashville on business for many. many years a lot of the situations you see are close to reality. For example the aging character Rayna James and her dealings with her record label who are trying to send her in a direction she doesn't want to move happen all the time. I equate her father's character to a hipper JR Ewing, and like how he can be a slime ball in one scene, and the next scene you actually feel sorry for him. Last night's episode was great and you can get a recap of it here from our friends at Taste of Country. Catch up on the past episodes here and you will get hooked on this show just like me.