In 2015, there are millions of topics we can discuss. What's in the news, politics, facebook, even tv shows! But what do these topics say about you?

According to, here are the top-5 topics that make for a dull conversation.

Talking about Facebook is the No. 1 dull and boring topic of conversation. Let's play this out, because hey, we are on our Facebook all day, how can it be boring?

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Here's how I see it. Andrea sometimes asks me when I am looking at my phone "anything good on Facebook?" I usually say "no" because it is rather, eh, for lack of a better word.  I mean how many people post things of meaning?  We usually complain about work or the fact that we have to go to the gym and lets face it, that's IS kinda boring.  Every now and then there is a post that makes me want to dig deeper, but even then I guess talking about facebook could be considered rather dull.

#2 - Their Phone -Talking about your phone IS in fact dull.  I really don't care to compare phones, snoozer alert...but I reserve the right to ask you about your phone when I am up for a an upgrade!

#3 - Hair - Now for the ladies, I know this can't be dull conversation because they are ALWAYS talking about it.  But girls and guys talking about hair.....DULL!  Heck, Andrea has to tell me when she gets her hair done, I'm just not interested in hearing about it!  Sorry! However, talking about this hair cut could be fun!

#4 - Personal Health - Umm, yeah.  To a degree I am good with this, but there are only so many times I can hear how you have a headache or constant back pain!  GO TO THE DR.  But, I do love you all and hope everyone has a healthy 2015.

#5 Work - Its only a snoozer because I will never understand what you do, and you won't get what I do.  And why do we want to hear each other complain.  I mean I have never heard anyone say "I love my job because..."  So, I guess instead of boring each other and waiting to cut in and say "oh but at my work" we should just liven up our conversation and talk about something else....well, other than hair, health, phones and facebook!

So, do you agree, are these the top 5 dull conversation topics?  What do you think?