I said it right.  It's Hatsgiving.  This is such a fantastic idea.  I just HAT to share it! 

We already know that there are some poor, unfortunate kids who need coats in this cold weather.  That's what 518-Kids is all about.  But did you know that there are kids who have no hair due to chemotherapy treatments who are also cold and could use hats?

This charity, HATSgiving, was the brainchild of a  local boy by the name of Jeremy Wernick from Forts Ferry Elementary who was concerned about these kids with cancer who have to deal with the frigid temperatures

What an amazing, caring 11 year old, huh?   So let's help him.  If you have any hats that you no longer use,  here's the information below from their website


Hats off to Jeremy.  Actually, I should have said hats ON.  Let's put some hats on these chilly heads!