Are you excited about the iPhone 5?  I'm still learning the iPhone 4, so I'm good right now.  But this guy isn't.  He's PSYCHED.  So much so that he's already camping out in front of an Apple store in England.  (Can somebody tell him that the phone hasn't even been announced yet?)

This is hysterical- but he has an ulterior motive. According to via the LA Times:

Rob Shoesmith is currently camped outside London's Covent Garden Apple store in a tent, awaiting the release of the iPhone 5. Not all that weird, except of course that the iPhone 5 hasn't even been announced yet. Why is he doing it? As a "marketing and PR experiment," of course, and the Los Angeles Times notes that he's blogging about the whole thing.

And he already has sponsors!  Everything that he brings with him he wants a company to donate in exchange for promotion.     Is he nuts or  a marketing GENIUS?  Here's the story via YouTube:


It could be October before it's even announced! And with what's going on in London, he better move into something a little more secure.  But I guarantee he's got a marketing job waiting for him somewhere, if not a reality show or a book. (I wonder if he needs a musical jingle?)  Congrats and best of luck to Rob.  Cheerio!