This morning on the Sean and Richie Show we talked about a survey that revealed that women felt the most sexy at age 28. I have to admit it seemed to make sense to me, at that point they have a decent grasp on career, family and probably feel like they are in the best shape. What happened next was a wonderful surprise.

I asked on the air without revealing what the survey said and woman after woman after woman called in and said, 40.  Now I'm not a woman but I have to think that is great news for women who are in their 20'2 and 30's who feel like there has to be "something more out there."

So I thought for the sake of our younger women out there, perhaps some of our wonderful confidant sexy listeners who are over the age of 40 can talk about why 40 became such a good time for them in their lives and to their self esteem.We can start a little "forum" right here with your comments at the bottom of this page.

Heck even if you are a younger woman I'd love to know what it is that does or doesn't make you feel , "sexy" and confident. Remember though, if you are 28 and feeling downright sexy, the BEST may be yet to come!