The search continues my friends. Make sure you get your videos posted to YouTube soon with the title, "Sean and Richie Need A Girl". We have two more entries to look at and of course your comments are welcome. Just remember, we are only being positive and saying nice things, if you don't have a nice comment, shhhhhh.

YouTube Image

In addition to the three entries we posted yesterday, (click the link to view the previous three entries) , we now have two more girls to consider. I am very excited to get to phase two and start inviting some of these women in to be on the show for a day and get feedback from our listeners. This is an unusual way to search for a new member of the show but it is a very important choice.

With that in mind, keep the videos coming and let us know what you think of these two girls as well as the ones we have already seen.

Here is "Ashley"

And "Brianna"