Some of the ads they have out there are too graphic to show here, so I'm not going down that road.  But I am asking the question: Are these disturbing images of people coughing, breathing with oxygen tanks etc working?  


They asked the same question on CNN recently, because they are really pulling out all of the stops in Canada

This is a pretty interesting report, if you'd like to take a look:

I guess the new cigarette packs are going to get even MORE graphic.  Call me stupid, but if I went to buy bacon, for example, and it showed a picture of a fat-encrusted heart muscle on the package, or someone on a gurney, I'm pretty sure it would gross me out enough to not want to pick it up.

But I guess addictions don't work that way.  It's not that simple.  Teen smoking is still rampant.  I wish I had the answers.  Don't shoot me, I'm just the piano player (who used to play in smoke filled clubs all of the time, ingesting second hand smoke by the ton)  Sorry-I never liked it then and I'm not a big fan now either.

What do YOU think will stop kids from "dabbling"?  Would love to hear your thoughts.