Rotterdam Square Mall is getting a whole new look thanks to its new owners!

It was revealed that the new owners, Via Properties, bought the struggling mall for $9.25 million.  Via Properties has plans to spend an additional $10 million on renovations.

The renovations include a plan to build and open an aquarium, a bowling alley, a sports bar and an arcade!  This sounds like fun for the whole family to me!

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Rotterdam Square Mall has had its issues over the years.  I for one really do hope the new owners go through with this plan.  A set up like this one seems like a home run to me!  I really can’t wait to see it.

Reports indicate that the aquarium is already under construction off site!

We here in the Capital Region know the struggles this mall has gone through.  I think we are all ready to finally see the mall flourish.  This new plan seems like a win to me!!

What do you think?