This is the time when people tie the knot or get thinking about doing it within the next year or two.  It's a daunting task, isn't it?  All of the months of planning just for a little 4 hour party!  Well, a bunch of computer geeks have come to the rescue! 


Of course there's now apps for this too!  Here's just one example -Wedding Happy Wedding Planner

from iTunes

This app makes your countdown to the big day very simple.  It has a task list, shows you the next important one to complete, also shows you the last ones that you got done, etc.

There are many more.  I found this report on YouTube that talks about an app called Yapp, where you can develop your OWN APP for your wedding guests.  

So many more to cover, and so little time.  Here's another article that summarizes more apps for the taking from

About the only thing that they don't do is suggest musical entertainment for your event.  (Gee- I wonder who could provide that?)