They  actually kinda – sort of stole this idea from restaurants, but it's brilliant, and more retail stores should adopt this For those who never been – Apple has a service called the "Genius Bar".   Typically you would walk in the store, tell the person on the floor what your problem was, and they would make an appointment for you with technicians at the Genius Bar (basically like the Geek Squad, only better).   You could also book an appointment online.

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It works fairly well, but many times you're standing around the store or sitting at the counter waiting.  Some people ahead of you have a trivial question, and some might have a hard drive catastrophe that keeps you twiddling your thumbs even longer.

But now Apple is instituting a "concierge" system.  You come in and tell them your problem, and they give you a time to come back.  You are then PAGED by text messages.  One confirms the appointment and a second tells you to head back to the store when they are ready for yoiu.  Fantastic!!  You can shop in the mall or even leave and come back if it's a real extended wait.   You can read more at

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Congrats Apple.  I wonder which genius at the genius bar came up with this one?  Maybe they can sell this system to doctors offices.  Could you imagine?

Who else would you like to see have this setup?  Auto service centers! Barber shops! Emergency rooms (depending on what shape you are in!)   Ok - your turn.