Target stores may soon be a place that you’ll be able to purchase an Apple (or Macintosh) computer. They already sell iPads and iPods.

From a story in USA Today, Target confirmed reports Thursday that it will test expanded displays of Apple products in 25 stores. This is a marketing technique, to try to get people to buy electronics products like the phone and music brand and soon, the computer who aren’t necessarily looking for electronics.

Apple already has mini-stores set up in Best Buy, but when they expand to Target, they’ll reach an even bigger group of consumers.

Target is also opening other small boutiques and specialty stores within the Target stores. They’re calling it “The Shops At Target." These shops focus on local products, and help expand them to other Target stores throughout the country. I’m not sure if, and when any of these “shops” will start popping up in the Albany area stores.

I know some people who use Macs will like this move. What Albany area store would you put into Target?