I found this postcard in my mailbox at work.  I thought they could use some publicity.  Hell, they paid good money to send out postcards! 

Contradancing.  It's origins are from way back in the 1700's.  You can read about it right here from Wikipedia

You could even watch a beginner lesson here from a group in Tennesee via YouTube

But who can learn from a video?  They have lessons right here! Right in our area!!

It's the DanceFlurry Saratoga Contradance, and it's happening on Saturday, Jan 24th.  It's happening at the First Baptist Church, 45 Washington St., Saratoga Springs NY.   Starts at 8PM, ends at 11PM.  They'll even have lessons at 7:30 for beginners.  

More info at www.danceflurry.org

There.  I feel better now. I want to show these folks that the cost of their stamp was well worth it.