By now I'm sure you have seen the shocking video showing some very inappropriate behavior of one of our local law enforcement officers. It really is shocking and hard to watch, especially for me as I have many friends who are in law enforcement and they are truly good people. I am not an apologist for the police however, I am fully aware that many just should not be allowed to wear the badge. I don't know if it's the type of person who is attracted to such a dangerous job or the dangerous job that changes a person, perhaps a mixture. This however is not an excuse for anyone.

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While this man was caught on camera making himself and his fellow law enforcement brothers and sisters look bad, imagine if there were a camera on the doctors that demonstrate malpractice, on the teachers who have given up on their craft and damage the children we put in their care, or any number of professionals that we normally hold in such high regard. The fact of the matter is it happens in all professions and all walks of life but somehow when a teacher is charged with statutory rape we all don't scream about how bad ALL the teachers are these days.

I just think it is ever important for all of us to remember that what these people do is truly hard work, dangerous and often highly stressful. It is a job I know I would probably not be able to do , day in and day out and I do appreciate those who do it , do it well and do it for the right reasons.

I find it interesting that when I came in today there were two stories about police that stood out to me, I did not "look" for either of these stories. The first is the video we just talked about and the second was this video from Aurora ,Colorado. The video of the Saratoga Sheriff Deputy slapping a man he was questioning has almost a half of a million views, 449, 819 to be exact. The video of the Aurora police which was uploaded a full day earlier has at this moment, 27 views. 27.

To me, that says a lot about all of us.

So yeah, there are bad cops out there, and yes, they should be disciplined and held accountable for their actions but please do NOT let that make you think that they are all like that, because simply, they are not.

Let's hope this goes viral!