This is one of those terrible videos that you can't help but to watch

This incident in South Florida reminds me of the horrible bounce house tragedy that happened right in our own area -Glens Falls, to be exact.  In fact, I'm not sure which one was worse!    According to the Sun , 4 kids were injured when a waterspout spun out of control in a Fort Lauderdale park.  This one took 2 bounce houses flying, and a total of 4 kids were sent to the hospital.  3 of them were under 8 years old.  Can you imagine the terror they went through?   Here's a video.

These houses went 50 feet into the air.  50 feet! As you can see, it flew almost to the top of the trees.  What made this one very weird is that there was no storm and no cloud in the sky that it was "attached to", as they normally are.

I guess this should be a warning  to make sure that you secure these things to the ground the best you can. But then again, with that kind of powerful force, I'm not sure what you would use to keep them down!  Any ideas?

Gee - how was YOUR Memorial Day?