The other day, I did a story about how authorities caught a suspect accused of stealing a truck by using his DNA.

DNA - Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images

Now, DNA has been used to catch another suspect in a robbery.

In 2011, the Friendly’s restaurant on Route 9 in Latham was robbed at gunpoint by three accomplices. The suspects used duct tape on the employees’ legs and arms while they stole cell phones and cash. Colonie Police took several things to be used as evidence in the robbery. One of those items recently lead to finding one of the suspects, who was already in jail for another robbery.

22-year-old Daniel Tucker of Rensselaer has been serving time at Coxsackie Correctional Facility for a robbery in Brooklyn. In addition to the 7 and a half year sentence for that robbery, thanks to his DNA found on the duct tape, he’ll remain in prison for an additional eight years for the Friendly’s robbery.

According to the story from the Times Union, Tucker was required to supply a sample of his DNA when he went into the prison system. That information went into a statewide database. Tucker entered a guilty plea to first degree robbery, when he was in court on Tuesday.