If you’ve driven in the area of State Street and Balltown Road in Niskayuna, you’ve seen plenty of changes over the past year or two. The one that I think stands out the most is the old mansion. That was actually was moved a couple of times on the property that’s now called Mansion Square.

There have been several new buildings and businesses built at Mansion Square, and now there’s another almost ready to open it’s doors for customers. It’s called the Neighborhood Market and according to a story that I read in The Times Union, it’s scheduled to open on Nov.1. Walmart is planning to open about 500 neighborhood markets around the country. That's according to a story in the business publication called The Street.

Lou Roberts Collection

The market will be smaller than a typical Walmart. It will be selling fresh produce and groceries. Also available will be natural and organic foods. There will also be a pharmacy on the premises. They’re expected to be hiring more than 90 employees.

This will give the people yet another store to do their grocery shopping. Besides Hannaford an Price Chopper, we’ve seen several Shop Rite stores, along with Trader Joes, just to name a few, come into the Albany area over the past few years.