A few days a go, I told you about a phone scam that was happening to some folks in the Schenectady area.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Now there’s been another area where people have been getting called by someone that says they’re from National Grid. In the story from CBS 6 Albany, this time it’s in Gloversville.

Someone called the Gloversille Police Department about receiving a phone call from a man that threatened to shut off his electric service within an hour. The man on the phone told the victim that this would happen unless he paid the balance of the National Grid bill. The person thought that something wasn’t right, so he told the caller that he was going to call National Grid about his bill. The man on the phone told him to do that and hung up. A call was put into National Grid, and the victim was told by a representative that it was a scam. He then contacted the Gloversville Police.

As always, if you get a call like this, never give out any information and always contact the business that you’re being told is calling you. Also, contact your local police agency and tell them what happened. For people in the Gloversville area, the police department’s phone number is 518-773-4506.