Your dinner isn't complete unless you have a side dish or two. Maybe it was such a great side dish that if you had any left over, you could have it as a snack later in the evening.

Our friends at Knorr have some suggestions for sides you can have to compliment your dinner, or have as a snack. Here's a side dish for today from Knorr - 'Pasta Sides - Chicken Flavor.' This recipe includes bacon. Somehow, I know that when I mention bacon, some people won't bother adding anything else. Since it's chicken flavor, you could have it as a side with beef. The possibilities of combinations is endless. You can find the complete recipe at

This week for the "Drive Home Triple Play," we’re doing something a little different. I think it will help add to your special meals, and even help with your grocery bill. Our Friends at Knorr are here to help. When you hear the dinner bell on 1-0-7-7 GNA in the 5 p.m. hour, be caller seven at 476-1077, and if you tell me the side of the day, you’ll win a $100 Walmart gift card.

I will be posting a different side every day this week, and this is the only way that you’ll know what the side of the day is so you can win. Good luck and good eating. What's for dinner? All that you have to do is go to