Just like a scene from a movie, a troop of Boy Scouts from New Jersey came across an injured woman in the woods last week and perfectly cared for her and took her to safety!

The woman? Fifty-seven-year-old Ann Curry, NBC News correspondent and former host of "The Today Show!"

At first, the boys had no idea who she was, they just knew there was an injured woman who needed their help.

They hiked up to her, asked if everything was okay, she said "No, not really." Curry mentioned that she thought she broke her ankle.

The troop, led by their troop leader who is also an EMT, splinted the ankle then fashioned a stretcher with items found in the woods near the trail.

Then, they carried her to safety!

Ann was thrilled!  She wrote each scout a hand-signed letter that said they went "above the call of duty."

"Discovering I was unable to walk, and needed to get down the mountain for medical care, you immediately set about to help," she also wrote.

It wasn't until Ann's family picked her up that she told the troop who she was.  Some of them didn't believe her until she sent her letter.

A picture perfect ending to a rather uncomfortable situation!

Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for The Lourdes Foundation