A staple on the tv news show 60 Minutes, 92-year-old Andy Rooney is stepping down.

One of Andy's first jobs was to write for Arthur Godfrey's radio and tv shows, in the 1940s. More recently you've seen his commentaries on 60 Minutes. I barely remember him on anything else. That's how long he's been on.

He's been at  CBS for a very long time. He has also had syndicated columns in several newspapers. He has been on many other television shows throughout his career, but 60 Minutes is the one that I remember him for the most.

He is also an Albany area resident. He has a home in Rennselaerville, in Albany County and let's not forget that he was born in Albany.

Let's all wish Andy Rooney a very happy retirement. At 92, is this really considered retirement? I hope I can be as busy as Andy if I live to be 92-years-old.