We "couponers" waited patiently for this week! What a HUGE week at Price Chopper. Crazy deals!

FOUR coupons up to $1 will be TRIPLED! That makes for 4 FREE items!

These coupons were emailed to everyone with an advantage card! If you didn't receive them, talk to customer service and see if they will send them out to you.
I didn't mark them all on the list, but anytime you see something $3 or under with a $1/1 it could be FREE!
Some Freebies include: Kraft Milk Granola Bars, Kellogg's Special K Bars, Rice Krispies, Hanover Green Beans, Pepsi Next, Country Crock butter...so many more to mention!

Another amazing offer: Buy a $50 Master card pre paid gift card and get $10 off your next order. With the $4.95 activation fee, this is a $5.05 MONEY MAKER! It's rare to see this at Price Chopper! You can buy one card per transaction. I would buy a couple this week...you can use them on your grocery shopping!!

Four gas deals totaling up to $1/gallon! I have marked them on the list!

NEW POLICY ALERT: Price Chopper now will only take ONE (1) competitor and ONE (1) Face book coupon per transaction. Make sure you plan this out - they were strict with me! Split up the orders and it will work out OK!

Also, this week I found coupons for some produce items..onions and avocados! These are rare so print them out right away!
I know it's a lot...it may take some extra time planning but it will be worth it! Be sure to check out the printable shopping list, and check back this week because I am sure I will find more freebies to post! And if you find some, let us know!
Happy Shopping!