So the Grammy Awards are this Sunday night (on CBS-tv), and I noticed, much to my surprise, that one particular country artist isn’t nominated for anything - Luke Bryan.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

There are many times through the years that I have watched the show and a lot of times disagree with the winners. I want to know who decides who gets nominated?

Kevin Richards has a list of the 2013 country nominees, and Luke Bryan isn’t on it. So I did a little more research, checking the Grammy website's list, just in case that Kevin may have missed something. As I would expect, he didn’t. To be honest, I would be surprised if Kevin did miss any. I have to admit, he is the country music authority. Sorry - I digressed.

From the reactions of people on the WGNA Facebook page, phone calls from listeners and when I’m dj’ing a party, I would think the Luke would be on the list. He is such a fan favorite. I know that every artist that we play on WGNA can’t be nominated, but I thought for sure Mr. Bryan would have been.

Luke Bryan had three big hits in 2013 - Crash My Party (which was also the title for his 2013 album), That’s My Kinda Night and Drink A Beer.

Drink A Beer was released at the end of 2013, so I can understand why that’s not nominated for a 2013 Grammy.

That’s My Kinda Night - Hey, is Zac Brown on that committee? I remember him saying what he thought about the song. Hey - Free country, free speech.

Crash My Party was an absolute ladies favorite.

So do you think that Luke Bryan should have been nominated? Is there any country artist that you think should have been nominated that didn’t make the list?