Sorry folks, but I'm actually too relaxed to type right now.  I'm kidding . In reality, I feel the opposite, believe it or not.  I feel so awake and "loosened up".  This is the first time in my life I've ever had an actual professional massage (and live on the air to boot) and it was unreal!


Have YOU ever tried this?  It's amazing!  We had Kelly Jordan, L.M.T  in studio from Albany Massage and Fitness, along with Jonathan Allen L.M.T from Serenity Massage.

They set up their funky lookin' chair, and I then "assumed the position", if you will .  Sean and Levack still made me go on the air while Jonathan worked his magic on my tensed up back muscles.  (It looks like I'm being suffocated which would have pleased my partners to no end, LOL, but there's plenty of breathing room there! )


Seriously, if you're going to have to be at your job 5 days a week, this is definitely the way to go.  Hire these folks to come in once in awhile!  Your productivity will increase ten-fold in no time!   They can also come to your home!  What a great surprise for someone special.

They will also be at our Taste of Country Barbeque Nationals event tomorrow at Saratoga Casino and Raceway .  Check them out there!  Now excuse me while I write 15 more blogs.  I'm so awake (for a change!)