Can you imagine a kitty cat that nobody wants to adopt just because of his looks? Kitty cats are adorable, all of them, right?   Well in this case there was a small problem that I have since come to realize is a bit of a phenomenon.

Apparently, in England there is a animal shelter named, Wood Green.  Wood Green, found a little kitty cat on the side of the road, malnourished and scared. They nursed her back to health and she is great, happy, friendly and loving. So how in the world could this poor kitty have trouble finding a home? It seems this little princess has a patch of black fur over her lip, and another that appears to look as if it sweeps across the forehead, you guessed it , the cat looks like Hitler.

According to a spokesperson for the shelter, "the unusual markings are putting people off."  I think it didn't help that the shelter nick named the little feline, "Kitler".

So this prompted me to want to find out a little more about this kitty and see how a cat can actually remind someone of Adolf Hitler. The goods news is, in my research I discovered that this little kitty has since been adopted, the bad news is, I found out this is actually a wide spread occurrence and people actually call these little guys, "Kitlers"! I even found this video on YouTube that is actually a montage of these poor mustached felines.

All I know is, if I ever come across one of these little guys, I will pet him or her and tell them they are beautiful! It is just not their fault. I mean you cant help what you look like its all in the genes. Believe me, do you think if I had a choice I'd actually want to look like Brad Pitt? Clearly not!

God Bless.